Sunday, July 13, 2008

I've been tagged!

WOW! I've been tagged by Debbie at Deb's Stampin'Spot.
Myself, and 6 other bloggers were chosen by Debbie for various reasons. Go on over to Debbie's blog to find out why!

Okay, now that I have been tagged I must follow the criteria on the above graphic.

I must list 7 weird or random facts about myself - here goes.

1) I live in North Vancouver, B.C. where I was born and raised.
2) I love to knit, and am now learning how to spin yarn.
3) My favourite colour at the moment is retro green.
4) I enjoy searching "my roots" with the help of my BBF who is a genealogy expert.
5) I have 47 gold fish in my backyard.
6) I love to read historical novels.
7) I love to hike everyday with my 2 dogs.

Now, I must tag 7 other bloggers whom I admire, and so many have been tagged already so.... here are 3 sites that I positively love!

1) my paper haven


3) Inkin it up

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