Saturday, June 09, 2007

lipstick demo at Vancouver regionals

A few days ago, Betty asked me if I remembered how to do the demo with lipstick and heat & stick powder we saw at the Vancouver regionals in April.
Well, my sister did - so here are the details.
-apply lipstick to lips
-kiss a piece of whisper white cardstock
-apply heat and stick powder
-heat from UNDERNEATH the cardstock with heat gun until glossy
-do not overheat!
makes a very cute card for Valentines or any special day.......


Dawn said...

That's a very cool technique! I've never heard it before. Doubt I'll remember this one for Valentine's Day next year BUT I do have an anniversary next month ;) So I'll try it for that!! Thanks for the tip!

Marie said...

I do remember that at Regionals but I thought she added glitter after she heated the heat and stick.

I've done this before with Irridescent Ice embossing powder. Just kiss your piece of paper with lip gloss, then add II ep, then heat.

It's the same idea as embossing your baby's handprint but using another body part!

Nancy Grant said...

Wow! Never heard of this. I'll have to try it. Sounds easy enough. Thank you!